How are the various ideals of journalism impacted by the business of journalism?



A mark or a yen, a buck or a pound, that clinking clanking clinking sound… makes the world go round!

There is no escaping the fact that journalism is a business. The platform to produce and promote this ‘product’ must be profitable or it ceases to exist. That ‘product’ as it is, is information. The ideals of individual journalists may feel impinged by the reality that shaping this product into a form that can be consumed and will be consumed readily takes precedence above what the journalist may ‘want’ or feel driven to write.

Also the way in which a piece may need to be edited could feel impactful to the journalist. Often there is a great deal of background to a story that may have to be omitted in order to make the story fit within certain parameters for publication.

(This is a student assignment for my journalism major (Deakin University) ALJ 215 2016 Crystal Corocher)



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