How common or widespread is the use of multimedia journalism?



Whether you have a Smart Phone, or your phone just has a good personality, chances are this little device was your portal to the first news you heard today….

Via social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or the like, news is available instantly in the palm of our hands and, with our preferences considered and obliged by technical algorithms, is now more aligned with our interests than ever before.

The use of multimedia journalism is certainly wide spread in the media, though it may have been reluctantly accepted by some. Where a journalist was once required to have excellent language and research skills, they must now also be masterfully tech savvy. Indeed they are also expected to carve the time required to be responsive-up to the minute, no less – in a new world of competitive burgeoning apps and smart phone capabilities.

So widespread is the use of multimedia journalism that it spills beyond the hands of the journalist. Anyone and everyone with a smart phone or Ipad is capable of providing a perspective on any event in the world and sharing that event with the world. Therein lies the challenge for the modern day Journo; maintaining the standard of professionalism in news, when a phone is the only standard for anyone to profess the news.

(This is a student assignment for my journalism major (Deakin University) ALJ 215 2016, Crystal Corocher)




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