What role is mojo playing in the 21st Century?

WEEK 5 ALJ 215

Mojo or multi-platform journalism is shaping the way we view, chew and ultimately spew news.

There is much to be celebrated. I know I keep my phone within reach at most times and, with the variety of news subscriptions I have, there is a veritable chorus of pings, beeps and buzzes all day (and all night if I wasn’t an avid user of ‘flight mode’) meaning, theoretically, we can keep up to date at all times with current events locally, nationally and globally.

I am in a love-hate relationship with this reality.

As a news consumer, I frequently feel like I’m being click-baited for some lousy blog site just because some ‘genius’ decided to use the buzz news word of the day. I often feel like the major news outlets- in an effort to post news as quickly as their counterparts- cover stories ineffectively. I also frequently lament the days when a news bulletin on the evening news or news paper publication on the weekend gave a full detailed story, when news was fact and not just opinion.

Then there are the things that I love about mojo news. I love that I can be a tight arse and not pay for a newspaper subscription, despite my love for the fact that they exist, and yet access the news in my hand at any hour of the day. I love that I need never feel bored – even for one minute – while waiting for an appointment because there will always be a new headline for me to discover on my smartphone, at my whim.

Mojo news is playing a role that is hard to quantify. It is brimming with possibilities while simultaneously fraught with challenges, not the least of which is the pressure it is putting legitimate journalists under to sustain a career. For now at least, I will continue to love and hate this new reality in fairly equal measure.

(This is a student assignment for my journalism major (Deakin University) ALJ 215 2016 Crystal Corocher)



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