What’s happening to the old models of journalism?



Just as hipsters are seeking out vinyl records – so too the die-hard digesters of traditional journalism will seek out long form stories with that unmistakeable smell of ink. Why? It’s not because it’s more convenient or cheaper, in fact, modern mojo- direct to your smartphone- is incomparable in terms of timeliness, efficiency and price. However, it must not be overlooked that, aside from being an information service, journalism is also a creative exchange; an offering from wordsmith to reader and while cheap and easy will always win over the masses – quality will always be valued by the discerning. Every industry has succumbed in some way to the gluttony of a society with an insatiable appetite and a 2 second attention span – journalism was never going to remain immune. In terms of profitability, newspapers are already dead. There is no conceivable way for print form journalism to compete against modern technology in this field. Though I do believe they will never truly be ‘extinct’. They will continue to compliment the landscape of journalism for some time yet before being relegated to a niche for those who simply appreciate the form. The Saturday Paper is a case in point; an assembly of some of the most renowned voices in news produce long form narrative style journalism for a specific target market. To further illustrate my point, here is a link to a modern artist (Karl S. Williams) who, in catering for an audience that values ‘the product’ above ‘productivity’ chose to produce his album, released in 2014, to be available not only on CD and Itunes – but also on vinyl. Might I suggest you wrap your ears around it while following the next link to the blog of, possibly my favourite long form journalist – Martin Mckenzie-Murray. Chief Correspondent for the Saturday Paper, Mckenzie-Murray also produces this excellent blog: Feeding the chooks.



(This is a student assignment for my journalism major (Deakin University) ALJ 215 2016 Crystal Corocher)




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